Employers - Support for Work Readiness

Looking for talent that have proven their command of the core professional and academic skills critical to success in jobs across our workforce?

We pre-qualify jobseekers for you!

  • Professional skills like dependability, communications, resilience, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and collaboration, attitude, and time management.
  • Foundational academic skills like applying mathematics in the real world; understanding workplace texts like memos, handbooks and MSDS; and interpreting workplace graphics and data like blueprints, flowcharts, and order forms. 

The Arizona Career Readiness Credential (ACRC) validates these foundational skills that Arizona employers, like you, value most. Job seekers who hold this credential have passed four high stakes, proctored assessments that documents their understanding and application of skills and how they impact  employers. Those who have trouble passing those assessments can get needed instruction at no charge.

Recognizing the Arizona Career Readiness Credential here and 'preferring' it in your job postings will connect you to better qualified candidates and demonstrate to students and job seekers the necessity of developing these critical foundational skills.



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