ACRC Employer Champions

Employer Here's why these employers Recognize the ACRC Employer Website
Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity [email protected] helps employers by connecting you to qualified talent. Job seekers who hold an Arizona Career Readiness Credential (ACRC) have demonstrated a command of the core academic and employability skills that are critical to success in jobs across our workforce.
Informed Decisions LLC If we want to grow and attract businesses to Arizona, we must help our workforce develop the skills needed for these 21st Century jobs. The ACRC has the instructional and validation components do that!
Regional Analysis Partners Employers told us for years that their greatest talent sourcing difficulties lay in the basic academic and employability skills that we would like to be able to assume all job candidates have.
New Life Forest Products To hire employees who show dedication
Silent Aire Silent-Aire recognizes the Arizona Career Readiness Credential.
The Door Stop This program makes us optimistic-actual assistance that helps not just people looking for work, but also the employer struggling to find the right employee.
International Sonoran Desert Alliance Our organization believes that career pathways and transitional supports are critical to effectively connecting the workforce with employers.
NAPA of Overgaard Was asked to through AZ CAN, also, whatever AZ can do to improve our workforce helps all businesses
Class 101 Mesa Gilbert Thank you
Advanced Business Learning We are a firm believer in employees having a balance of essential skills and job specific technical skills. The ACRC provides a solid foundation in the identification of applicants' essential workforce skill development. Students will be made aware of and encouraged to complete the ACRC credential.
Fresh Start Women's Foundation The ACRC will assess and advance our clients in the much needed academic and soft skills that employers have identified as essential for employment. Also, the Assessment will help our clients in the job readiness area to prepare them for gainful employment toward self-sufficiency.
Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau Working at the Grand Canyon requires a workforce that can communicate effectively as a team - is professional and can solve problems.  With over 6.5 million visitors last year the skills your program is teaching will be very valuable to our workforce.
Archicon Architecture and Interiors Because we want to help Arizonans develop the skills needed to thrive in the modern workplace.
Delaware North With operations on four continents, serving half a billion guests a year, it's not easy to come up with a simple phrase that captures all we do. Yes, we’re world leaders in culinary and hospitality. We’re specialists in serving up what fans crave, and at making travelers and visitors feel right at home. But here’s how we’d like you to think of us. We’re a team 60,000 strong. Our role is to work behind the scenes to create world-class experiences. And our spirit, our passion, is to go beyond your expectations. If you are part of an organization that values a long-term partner, we should talk. Every day, we make sure guests have unforgettable customer service and experiences. We do this by bringing fresh thinking, a collaborative spirit, and years of experience to every engagement. And together, we can make a difference to your bottom line. Our Businesses Today, Delaware North manages and provides food and beverage concessions, premium dining, entertainment, lodging, and retail at many large venues and special places. These include sports stadiums, entertainment complexes, national and state parks, airports, and casinos. [email protected]
Nichols Precision We need employees we can count on to show up for work on time with a positive attitude and an understanding that performance and the growth in performance determines individual economic health and future growth. We can always teach skills. You can't teach attitude.
Willcox Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture Supporting the business community that needs these essential skills
Arizona Artistry Business expansion potential .
Dress for Success Phoenix
We will provide instruction to job seekers, partner with City of Phoenix Public Libraries, and facilitate instruction at local high schools. In addition to the Career Readiness training, Dress for Success Phoenix will provide interview attire, additional clothing upon receipt of employment, transportation assistance, and job retention support.
Chicanos Por La Causa The ACRC is a fantastic credential and is well-rounded and needed for today's workforce needs.
Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce To share this information with local organizations, businesses, manufacturers, etc.
SCORE ... a speaker this morning (05-15-2018) at the Buckeye Chamber of Commerce explained about and I liked their mission right away. SCORE is a non-profit organization founded and funded by SBA (Small Business Administration) with 11,000 volunteers mentoring small businesses to start ot to better their operations through mentoring sessions done via e-mail, phone, video conferencing, and in person. We also run workshops to teach small businesses specific subjects important for their businesses and we facilitate networking meetings. For more info go to I will refer ACRC to my mentees as appropriate.
Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce small business programs and information provided monthly in our newsletter and through our office. We work closely with the local AZWorkforce representative.
Nogales Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce To win the future, the United States needs a well-educated workforce that will drive tomorrow’s innovation. We need candidates/students who graduate ready to take skilled positions in high-growth sectors of the economy. At all levels, businesses need employees that are more creative, more technical, and more connected than ever. This means that technical literacy is no longer “nice to have,” but a requirement for success. Businesses are in need of professionals with technical skills.
University of Dubuque - Tempe Location To connect the University of Dubuque (Tempe location) with organizations to provide educational opportunities for their employees. Our degree programs offer working adults both quality education and an affordable tuition cost with many other benefits
St. Joseph the Worker As a 30 year old non-profit agency we assist homeless low-income and disadvantaged individuals with obtaining and sustaining employment. We believe that by offering this additional asset to the clientele we serve it will provide them with one additional tool to make them successful in their employment search.
Darling Geomatics Our new hires that are between 22 and 30 are not career ready when they get hired. They are immature and have poor soft skills. Our investment in these people is high. The return investment has been low. We need to learn to influence these young people so they quickly learn career readiness skills.
Canyon Vista Medical Center John Nelson spoke at Good Morning Sierra Vista
Benson San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce We recognize the importance of building our economy and to do that we must have employable individuals. Http://
Gilbert Chamber of Commerce As a business advocate on behalf of more than 750 members and representing more than 52,000 employees, we recognize the significance of the academic and employability skills that are identified through this credential. We regularly gauge the workforce needs of our businesses. Without exception, and regardless of the size or industry of the business at hand, we hear loud and clear the struggle that exists to find employees with strong employability skills, especially in the areas of communication, professionalism, collaboration, and critical thinking. We believe in serving as convener between our businesses and the resources that exist to improve upon the talent pipeline so that our business community can thrive. The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and Gilbert Chamber Foundation look forward to serving as a champion of the Arizona Career Readiness Credential and raising awareness of this great tool.
Wellness Connections As a Specialty Agency provider working with SMI/GMH/SA adults and as a Supported Employment provider, I believe our goals and vision align and we can mutually benefit those seeking our services.
Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative I am a member of the board of directors of [email protected] - Southeastern Arizona, and through that organization have been introduced to the ACRC. I like what I have seen and look forward to wider recognition of it. We will consider including mention of it in our job postings, and in the meantime will inform employees and candidates as appropriate.
Santa Cruz County Board of Realtors® I heard a presentation on the ACRC program and recognize its value to employers and the public.
Tucson Hispanic Chamber The Tucson Hispanic Chamber is joining the ACRC partner program because it is critical for our employees to have demonstrated a command of the core academic and employability skills to achieve success at our mission.
Sundt Construction We are very active in promoting Career and Life readiness in our education systems.
Father Matters, Inc I would like more information on this as both an employer and as a provider of employment services for my clients
Tucson Metro Chamber This certification is a testament that individuals with this credential are dedicated to their personal and professional development and have the foundational skills that are critical for success in the workplace.
Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce We are excited to support the Arizona Career Readiness Credential partner program!
Pipeline AZ Pipeline AZ has input ACRC on Pipeline AZ as a recognized credential and an option to identify and demonstrate career readiness.
Yavapai County Contractors Association There is a tremendous shortage of skilled labor and with construction surging we are hopeful that by partnering we can solve labor issues which are the keys to tomorrow's success. [email protected]
NACOG-EWD NACOG EWD believes in the Arizona Career Readiness Credential (ACRC). ACRC demonstrates key academic and employability skills that are critical for all to be successful in the workforce, no matter which industry.
Central Arizona College (Pinal County Community College District Central Arizona College is a strong supporter of workforce readiness. Very excited to be a part of this movement! Thank you.
Software Tech Enterprises Software Tech Enterprises (STE) is an innovative Information Technology solutions and services provider, supporting federal agencies and companies in the public and private sectors. We are looking for talented individuals with IT experience that is willing to work for the government.
The Clements Agency, LLC It's Important!
Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Tucson
Encompass Health
Radiology Ltd
Commerce Bank of Arizona
Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority I am seeing the same issues with hiring as you described in the presentation today. In my opinion, this is a valuable initiative to aid in the state's economic development.
Yavapai College (We) use it in a career & personal development class to help students identify their strengths when job seeking.
Warren’s Feed This program is on target to improve business and the economy.
Canyon State Institute CSI is an employment services vocational school. For entry-level individuals who are retraining into a career level certification, it is important to have soft skills. I'm a firm advocate for certification to prove competencies.
Arizona Bank & Trust Arizona Bank & Trust is happy to align with ACRC not only because of the valuable work they are doing but also because they represent the core values of the bank.
Yuloff Creative Saw Trevor speak on could we not take action after that presentation?!
Friends of the Verde River I attended a presentation by Trevor Stokes in partnership with NACOG last week and found that the program offers the skills training that our local workforce needs. We recently went through a hiring process and discovered an applicant pool lacking in basic skills. We aren't currently hiring but would like to support the program.
Bio Huma Netics, Inc.
STAX3D, Inc.
Coolidge Chamber of Commerce The Coolidge Chamber believes a strong workforce leads to strong economic growth. This program will have a big impact on our workforce.
La Paz County County HR Director
Your Alarm Company, LLC
Parker Regional Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
Elite Customs, LLC Support the vision for AZ economic opportunity!
A Latte Vino
PPEP TEC High Schools To create an environment of well-prepared employees
Clayton Buckeye SchultHomes I was familiar with the CRC program from time on the East TN Workforce Development Board and hearing about its success with companies in East TN.
GRHC recruitment
Best Western Gold Canyon Hoping to hire local workforce
Chandler Chamber of Commerce The Chandler Chamber of Commerce is committed to help grow and improve our workforce, which is a vital tool for economic development. The Arizona Career Readiness Credential is precisely the type of program that will secure Arizona as top destination for businesses not just to succeed, but to thrive!
Performance Staffing We want to provide job candidates the opportunity and businesses the ability to bridge the gap between work readiness and operational needs.
Coconino County Career Center
Arizona Department of Economic Security in Kingman As a partner in [email protected], I believe the success of this program will help our job seekers become better prepared to enter the Arizona work force, or give them knowledge and tools which could open doors of opportunity to improve their professional career, which will help improve their quality of life for themselves and their families.  
Cottonwood Palo Verde at Sun Lakes Another avenue to find potential job candidates.
Tempe Chamber of Commerce Increasingly, talent has become a key differentiator for companies, and skilled workers hold the key to a robust talent pipeline. Not only do they fill critical skills gaps, but they add to workforce diversity and help drive new ideas. The Arizona Career Readiness Credential addresses the foundational skills that are important to Tempe employers and workplace success.
Moonshot at NACET
Best Western Space Age Lodge    
Town of Gila Bend
Gila Bend KOA
Bell Signs This program will provide a us already qualified personal.
A3 Tutors, LLC A3tutors LLC, assists students in identifying strategies which support learning and academic performance. My tutors’ work using respectful and constructive techniques of learning. They employ a variety of tutoring methods tailored to each student's individual learning style. The main goal is to inspire students to become confident and independent learners who are prepared to meet personal and academic challenges of the 21st century. "Let A3 Tutors help you break through your educational blocks".
AZ Perfect Comfort
SAV-ON Plumbing LLC
United Way of Pinal County To help promote an engaged and vibrant workforce.
Arizona Department of Economic Security We seek to connect to better qualified candidates to help fill our mission of service by helping Arizonans reach their potential through temporary assistance for those in need, and care for the vulnerable.
Millia Promotional Services Millia Promotional Services is a local nonprofit organization who regularly utilizes the Arizona At Works locations to encourage visitors to utilize the services available to them. For instance, many of the visitors that our agency has observed (over the last two years) often struggle with basic employable skills and or computer skills. As a result, our staff often helps out alongside the AARP volunteer members within the Computer Commons/Resources Area both at 7st Mountain View and 51st Ave Osborn locations. It is our mission to optimize individuals self- efficiency by providing superior solutions for at-risk youth adults and their families. In addition, we are also contracted with RSA/VR and have several programs and services that our agency offers to the general population. We would love to partner with ACRC as we strongly believe that our mission and vision for enhancing the core academic and employability skills that are critical to success in jobs across our workforce.
Active Bodies Active Bodies is a local business looking to hire positive and ambitious individuals to be a part of an amazing team. We feel that the ACRC program is the best method to finding the right people who fit our company's mission.
Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce We are committed to building available workforce through education and preparing our youth for future participation in the workforce. The ACRC is a great tool to assist us in both objectives.
Nice Creative Job seekers who have the Arizona Career Readiness Credential give us an added assurance that we are attracting the most qualified candidates. With the foundational skills in place we can trust that they can start contributing to the success of our business immediately without a lot of extra training in basic business acumen.
Ak-Chin Industrial Park Board Having a pipeline of qualified workers is critical to economic development and the attraction of businesses to our industrial properties. We hope to encourage our youth to pursue this credential so that they can be ready for better jobs and brighter futures.
Shelves West to help narrow down the fields with knowledgeable and experienced workers.  
Mohave County Fair Association I feel that it will be a great benefit to the community to have the skills needed when looking for work.  
Legacy Insurance Services, Inc.
European Techniques European Techniques was having issues with retaining a workforce. Retention rates were around 71%, and declining quickly. NACOG discussed the option of incorporating ACRC for their incumbent and new trainees to gain employability skills. Utilizing ACRC, European Techniques has seen an increase in retention to 92%. Every employee that has completed ACRC is still employed. ACRC has helped with communications and promoting teamwork. Also, as incentive, European Techniques has provided a bonus to all successful participants in ACRC.
Cholla Automation
Island Kinetics Inc We are a local employee owned business that offers entry level positions to highly skilled ones. https:\\
Liberty Mutual Insurance The ACRC provides a new hire benchmark of competencies for Liberty Mutual.
SanTan Ford We feel that using the ACRC will raise the quality of our staff, as well as increase awareness of those looking at our industry.
Rocket Media Trevor Stokes sent me your way.
Town of Gilbert Looking forward to connecting with more qualified applicants to join us in service to the Gilbert community.
Job Hunter I’m currently between jobs, determining which direction to take my professional career. I want to learn fundamental skills trained in the ACRC course (dependability, communication, etc) that I can use as a foundation for employers when interviewing and working.